From Depression to Perfection

Let’s face it, the title makes at least a small amount of those reading it consider this to be at least a little bit silly, since there is no way of turning this affliction into something positive…right? Well, theoretically, even though depression is one of the most rapidly spreading enemy of, generally, teens, I don’t think many of us have ever considered the fact that this may and must be turned around by any means before it consumes us.

Depression is a real roadblock in anyone’s life, ravaging and stopping progress, or just daily life, and of course practically making you to consider, and sometimes even come to hang on that thin string between life and death, percieved by you as being pain and relief.

Some of you may be on medication, some may be getting mental health care, and some are even fighting this on their own be it because of lack of finances, or because it’s a choice. Let’s face it, and sum up the facts that teens are more depressed than ever, and that these issues are looked upon with a negative view from older generations, who think they have wisdom more than enough to be able to say something and expect for someone to agree with them or to be right all the time. Speaking of which, let’s get back on track, and see how exactly could you turn the things that breaks you down into the thing that builds you up.

I could spend the following 5 minutes describing just some of the scenarios this affliction makes us find ourselves in, like crying in your locked in room, worrying if this crap is ever going to end, perhaps your parents are fighting, perhaps because of bullying, because you just gave your hearth to someone and they did not understand what they’ve missed, and now you spend the following months, years, crying everytime you remember them.  In the following blog posts, I will get into detail and help you overcome specific scenarios, however, let’s not stray away from the main objective here.

Every single time someone goes through a tough event, like breakups, a bad day, having to deal with people who are acting like assholes, the negative feelings and thoughts are going to be a burden for you until you over come them. Until you accept that she/he is gone(which I still haven’t managed to be honest), until you feel that what was bothering you is gone, solved, and it is over. However, depression does the exact same thing, except it will make you produce these negative feelings and thoughts and keep piling them up, which will sometimes end with an emotional break, or manifest under other serious forms like self-harm, self destructive behaviour, or an alteration of character thanks to these traumatic experiences. The short answer to getting rid and managing all this emotional trauma, and actually making it something that improves you rather than to destroy, is to put all of it into actions that improve you in any way. Are you self destructive by any chance? Well then get yourself into a fighting class, where you can hurt and get hurt and push yourself to your limits, becoming a stronger version of yourself, without hurting even more. Put feelings into music, write rap, write poems, write stories, write anything that you want, any way you want, because by writing you can even create a character that has your personality without actually giving out the hidden reality behind it, letting yourself to tell someone about your hurt being a proven method to help relieve this pressure. Learn to play an instrument, do charity, even put all of it into studying if that is what helps you, but this is something only you can find and decide what exactly will be the best way to get rid of this. 

No, it won’t always help you to get rid of it, however it is clearly a step forward, and thanks to the fact that every time you’ve felt depressed you put it into an action that made you better than you were before, is the first step to realize that this is actually not impossible, even if it will last a very long time. So, for all those fighting battles alone, on their own battlefields, running aimlessly and trying to survive, I hope I shed at least a ray of light and a new perspective on overcoming this issue. Welcome to my blog, my name is Alex, and I hope I managed to help at least a bit. Thank you for reading, and hopefully I will see you as a returning reader, this being my first blog it’s understandably not flawless.

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