Coping with ended relationships

Let me tell you a story about J. , someone who made me, and will also make you realize that it’s not worth hurting for someone who doesn’t care, let’s take look at how realizations come at the most unexpected moment.

Thanks to a handful of absolutely great experience I’ve had before the age of 19(I hope you can sense the sarcasm overflow right there), I am the kind of person who rarely even lets anyone close, since I’ve learned people are quite damn dangerous, mostly when they play with something none of us can defend, our hearths.

couple-3064048_1920When we are little, dreamy, and lost in our own imaginations, we perceive love as this beautiful sentiment that is the most powerful thing within all of us, that can move mountains, break barriers, write history, and save lives .

It would be quite traumatizing for our undeveloped personalities to be shown more than mere sadness when love fails, to show the true dark face of love, the crying, the sleepless nights, the thoughts, memories, depressive behaviors, the loneliness, the feeling that we are done.  You are not done. 

Let’s take a look at that little story of J, who made me realize: What the hell, we are not alone, we are not even different, she was not perfect, and even if she was close to it, I deserve and will have better, we just gotta love ourselves more, and not give in and suffer for other’s stupid decisions and standards, because we are more than just another in the tens of life partners of someone, we are special in our own ways.

man-2147066_1920I like to reach out to people, I like to believe in making a change, no matter how hard the way to it is, and mostly proving my points to someone who is down and thinks they are done, because I honestly tell you, my story is a hell of a mix of crazy, dangerous, sad, and beautiful moments. We will go over it, but this is not the right place, neither time for it.

She was beautiful, not a big deal, women are supposed to be more attractive. But she was not only gorgeous, she was also smart, and fun to be around, even in an on-line conversation. She was somewhat crazy, the good kind of crazy, and someone who seemed to be able to appreciate life’s beauties, and see the good through the bad, so I couldn’t just leave her keep over-thinking about a failed love story, even though she was the one she made the mistake, because she was more than him, she was beautiful in every way.

You see, there are two perspectives we can look a love story from, the innocent, who can get ignored, cheated on, played for stupid, and not appreciated, and the culprit, the one that committed a mistake, and/or is unable to stand his ground and deal with his mistakes.

I was, of course, the first type, but simply talking to this amazing person made me realize that, wow, she is just like the one I wanted to give my hearth to , she made a mistake, but she knows and suffers from it now. I thought I would never ever meet someone like her, and look, I am literally talking to someone who seems to be not the same, but even having more potential and who is more understanding than that person who didn’t see the good in me.

If you are the one who got hurt, you must understand that it’s not over, you are not done. She, or he, is gone. She(or he, you get it) ignored you, played you out, cheated, smashed you into the ground, ripped out your hearth and left you feeling like your hearth has now a hole in it.  Just let it go. There is absolutely no way you will be able to be who you wanted to be for that one person if you don’t slowly move on from the hearth-break. There is someone who is just like that special person, minus the ignorance and the pain. It’s okay to hurt, but we must learn to move on before this feeling overcomes and consumes us. And when the time will come, you will just laugh off and wonder why did you let yourself be ruined in such a way.

We are human, we are not perfect. We are quite damn amazing, able to perform feats that make us be superheroes in the eyes of others, in the eyes of people who are just like you, just less experienced.  We are fans to singers, to sportsman, to figures who we look up to because they turned their weaknesses into strengths, and deep below are just like we are. If you’ve made a mistake, probably at some point you got burnt for what you’ve done, but I recommend you use this as an opportunity not to do over-think yourself about it, not to have countless sleepless nights because of if, and not to keep regretting it. It’s on you, you’ve messed up. But as I’ve already stated, we are human, we make mistakes, and the best way to progress is to accept, learn, and move on.

Don’t forget, if you are acting just like the person who hurt you, you are no better then them. But you are. You are much more, and if they weren’t able to see the beauty in you, someone else will. The hardest journeys lead to the most beautiful destinations, and looks like we’ve been through quite a damn rough ride.

Give yourself some time, and be understanding with yourself. Eventually, all bad things must come to an end and be replaced by something much greater.

Thank you for reading my blog, I am honestly almost always losing myself in my thoughts when I write about something, but I am confident that I am more and more able to provide readers with useful and helpful information. If you have any suggestions, or thoughts on my work, I’d be glad to hear from you. And if you are new to my site, welcome, here you will hopefully find answers to your questions.

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