The difference between motivation and a motivational speech

     Let’s not waste time with any kind of silly introduction, since by the time I am writing this I am pissed off enough to drop the F bomb any second now.
You fire up youtube, you google “motivational speach” and as soon as the video begins and draws you in with cool hearth rate rising music, words from a deep voiced narrator get your adrenaline levels high enough that you might as well run a triathlon, at least until you realise you are actually noting more than what your progress and pain has forged along the years and experiences that you had, both being locked and guarded by the key called perseverence, which of course you lack. So in order to make your perseverence your perfect key, to have access to what will make you different, special, more than you ever though, not someone who always has the thought in the back of his mind that he is a fucking failure to everyone and everything including himself, you resort to a few minutes of digital motivation.
After a few minutes of restless motivation, in which you may be telling yourself today is the day when I change, you slowly slip back into the depths of failure and depression. After reading my blog, it will probably lost in the ocean of unrealized dreams, hopes, struggle and depression, piled on top of the hundreds of motivational speeches and writings. We are all hurt at some point. Failure, love, money, or whatever else would apply in your case. We resort to stupid decisions, we lock ourselves away from the rest of the world, we become antisocial, we self harm, we drink, drug, fight, cry all night on the god damn floor for that beautiful mirage you thought will be everything you needed, we simply give up. Why is that we don’t want success as bad as we want to sleep, game, or rest? Did you know that success is the best revenge? This may aswell be a drive for some.

     With or without taking action towards improving your situation, we all lose the game in the end, so you might aswell be a winner until that very moment, and get your ass off the couch instead of asking god “why”? or just saying F* it, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. A winner does not think like that. Is it worth the outcome? Well the I assure you that it’s also worth the hussle, be it as hard, dangerous, impossible as it may seem. If you truly want to make a change in your life towards the better, you will not only get out your comfort zone until it no longer has you in it’s posession, you will as well go all in, because you will either win, either learn. Not learning from our failures is the biggest failure of them all .
One day you will inevitably fail, perhaps losing everything you built up to that point in your life, crumbling into pieces and being destroyed by your own creation. But you haven’t really built anything worthy so far, haven’t you? So there, is, in essence, a very simple problem that can be solved in two ways, dear reader.
Imagine yourself on your death bed. Not many people there, perhaps none. I promise you, in the final moments of your struggle you will remember and go through everything. You will remember that you weren’t humble with that poor person, that you’ve cheated and emotionally hurt others, preferring to not deal and try to at least heal the consequences of your actions. You didn’t make that move, you didn’t asked out that girl. You didn’t grind your ass off just for a fucking dream, took those courses you wanted, and most importantly you were never you, just an image of society that they can look and refelect from, just to make them feel that it’s what you are part of.
You are not a  piece of wood. You are a human, we are the most advanced thing around here. We create, we are able to express love through art, art through music, music through feelings, and feelings through actions,we destroy, we are able to feel emotions and motivations yet we are unable to explain them logically. We procrastinate because we want to please others, and because we want to fit in, or lower our expectations because we are afraid to walk alone, or to go aganist the current. The only problem here is that it’s not what we actually want, and even though we are told this as little kids, we give up. We hear it from older people, who regret their decisions, decisions that lead to a sad ending. You know, you are part of that sad ending, and your name is engraved into that story book you will once open up and tell your story to someone else, not because you expect pity, but because you will tell them “Follow your dreams”. Did you?

        Will you?
That last question, in essence, answers to both of the endings. But don’t forget, once it’s lights out, there are no checkpoints, nor restart button. So, for your own sake, think through what you want to do with your life.
The process described above, considering you want the “happy ending”(you can understand that as you would like), will not only include getting off the couch, and pushing yourself until you feel like you are going to die right there in that very moment, but also to do everything you do and learn with a total dedication, because it will, in the end, inevitably lead to success in some form.

     In conclusion, there is a clear difference between motivational speeches and actual motivation. As beautiful and inspiring as they are, they do not guarantee under any form what their intent is, that being to lift yourself up from the position you are in towards a greater, more positive future posture. It all depends on our determination, and that won’t ever change. You can read as many of these as you want, however the facts remain facts, and dreams that are over-though will in the end, remain dreams.

Thank you for reading, my name is Alex. If you are new to my blog, I welcome you warmly, if not, I hope I’ve grabbed your attention with what I have to say. I am not aiming to be a rich blogger writing about and for the stupid and constructively meaningless  life events of celebrities, or other non essential topics, I am here to write to those who might be where I was at some point, even though I haven’t pulled out from the deep yet. Feel free to leave a comment or an opinion, critique, or whatever you feel like might help in future blogs.

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