5 must do practices of highly successful people, that will turn your life around.

     In the century of technology, it is easy to get lost to the little distractions that pose a threat to our dreams and to our success. These are five simple, effective ways in order to get you back on track.

     If you want to improve the quality of your life, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally, here are five practices that will help you regain yourself, giving you rest, confidence, and, of course, the ability of keeping up with the busy day to day life you might be dealing with:

1.Keep your mind always evolving, by reading

     It’s easy to believe that all we need after a long week of work is some rest, or going out with friends, partying and getting wasted. However, if you want to be a better, perhaps more skilled person, whose perception is not just a static list of ideas and beliefs, but a dynamic, ever-evolving, positive and mindful one, reading around three hours(this is not a standard, but I’ve found that it is the optimal balance between effort and reward), can help you always acquire new ideas, help you stay creative, focused, and thoughtful through out all the stresses you are exposed to in the social scene. It is absolutely your choice, what you should read, however, if you are unable to find enough time, or are not someone who enjoys reading, finding a topic you like could help you.

2.Physical exercise, without excuses

     Going to the gym is an absolute nightmare for some of us, just as going for a run is for me, because once you are out of shape, and not keeping up with your schedule, is just going to wreck you when you start after 3 months of procrastinating, just to find out that you are not superhuman, and you will probably deeply regret physical exercise after such a long break.

     Working out will boost your serotonin levels, physical appearance,confidence, and many other things, being undoubtedly the number one thing on this list that will bring forward great changes in your life if you decide to stick with it. It is up to you how long you want to do it, however the most important is that you don’t overdo it, and that you stick with it.  There are lots of ways to do it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be taking place in a sweaty, testosterone-filled gym. Fighting classes, specific sports, or activities, will bring you the required boost, while also providing a skill set, and is enjoyable for you at the same time.

3.Mediation, because the mind governs the body

     Honestly speaking, meditation seemed like an utter waste of my time at first, that being until last year, when I began training in karate, our sensei told us about the way some of the best fighters visualize the fights before they enter the ring, and how it helps them have an incredible mental stability. Meditation has many other benefits, however, it is important to note that there are multiple types of it, perfected over the centuries to fit your(and my) needs. If you would like to read more about the types of meditation, and which one might be the one for you, this is a list describing them, so take a minute and go over the short article to learn more about what could help you.


4.Getting enough sleep, and waking up early

     I’ve decided to put both of them under one line, because, it is clear that you, at some point, would give up a good night’s sleep to watch that movie, to play that game, or just switch the channels until you fall asleep. Yes, it is all-right to do it once in a while, and this won’t mean that you are missing out on your life. However, missing out an opportunity because a late night, or hindering your progress, definitely  means it.

     I am not writing this guide to turn you into a workaholic, who has no time for himself, or who is too absolved by his/her work in order to chase goals. Give it a try, and if you regretted it, you have an excuse to go back to your old self.

5.Have a passion, and be genuine in everything you do

     Many people say that passion does not equal profit. Many people also believe in the fact that the earth is flat, while others believe it’s round. It does not matter what you do and believe in, as long as you are happy, and as long as it works out. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone if something doesn’t work out. And most importantly, have a passion that you can always go to whenever you feel the need to let out some steam, creativity, hate, or other feeling that has been bothering you for so long.

     And most importantly, always be genuine  towards what you are doing, and I am not referring only to the passion you might have. Don’t look at tasks as chunks of boring things you must get through. I’d like to mention that I am referring mostly to studies, or any other task that requires a constant change and a dynamic way of thinking, because it always has something new to offer.

     I, myself, was a horrible math student until the day I decided, in my outrageous burning hate towards the damned mathematics, to study it. Despite the horrible teachers I had that made me hate even my life. But as soon as I started looking at the mathematics as a science, and not something as horrible as my teachers have made it, I discovered the fact that it is actually something I enjoyed, though it still gives, and probably will give me trouble for a while until I get into it.

And if it doesn’t feel right, move on.


     I know that there are thousand, if not tens of thousands of self-improvement guides and blogs, but while they do resolve and offer concrete solutions to concrete problems, they don’t guarantee you will stick to them, and it only affects you in the long run. That is why, I always try to describe what you should, and how you should do something, without over-complicating, and without asking impossible things, because I am very aware of the fact that some of us are more capable than others to adapt to change.

Thank you for reading, and if you found my guide helpful, feel free to check my other ones. If you are struggling with breaking your bad habits, or, are, perhaps procrastinating, and want to learn how to end it, check out Overcoming procrastination in 5 simple steps.

If you have any suggestions, or thoughts, feel free to send them to my email, or leave a comment.

P.s: My blog currently lacks a lot of things, so in the following month, I’ve decided to cover as many as I can in order to build up this blog’s identity, and content. I am going to cover a large number of intriguing topics, and I would invite you to also be a part of it, perhaps you will find something you are looking for. Sadly, due to a lack of time, both my content and writing had to suffer, which I look forward to promptly fix.



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