As the rain and ashes fell,

I  would kneel, in dust, and yell.

But just halfway through my scream, 

I would wake, and see my dream.


Dressed in red, with wings and horns,

Stood the demon, splitting worlds.


Spitting words, in anger, pain,

Reduced to silence, by the rain.


Through the gentle, steady splashes,

Through the rain, and heavy ashes,

At the verge of broken feelings,

I was kneeling, crying, weeping.


Because smiles, feelings, and words,

Made me burn a demon’s world.


Because screams, the hate, the pain, 

We’re washed away by gentle rain.


Because angels, just like you,

Can be hurt, and broken too.


Because demons, just like me,

Were the angels of your dreams,

Victims of their silent screams.


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