It’s your life, it’s your way.

Every now and again I come across the type of person who is always emotionally hooked to what others think of them. The now so brief, but then almost endless period of time when being the hero of my own life was just a distant thought that was motivating enough to get me through to behave at least acceptably in such a restrictive environment is what made me realize how big the impact of our self perspective and well being is, that I could no longer listen to anyone saying anything that even remotely implied  I am unable to do it, or that it’s wrong.

Sadly, it’s the case with so many people today(I am not referring, though it’s worth mentioning the instant gratification addiction wave the young generation is going through) that they are so easily distracted by comments on various aspects of their person made by some basically meaningless people who probably won’t even cross paths with them in the future.

They tell us we aren’t pretty, and we believe them.

Physical appearance. A debate present at both sexes, yet something so unimportant when looked upon from a correct perspective. The people we encounter in our life are usually of three types:

  1. Our friends, who don’t care about our looks as much as they care about us and our person behind the physical.
  2. The mentors, these include both parents, and others who will give you great advice that was gained through life experiences and wrong decisions they’ve learned from, just so you won’t commit the same mistakes they did.
  3. The ones who mock us, yet we barely know them, or as I like to call them, the decoys. The type of people who mock others for absolutely no other reason.
  4. And finally, the one. The person that will become your wife, husband, perhaps girlfriend. They are not a bit uncomfortable of seeing and liking you for what you really are, not to mention that they love the true you, and not the make-up version of you.

Don’t worry, you are pretty enough. Who will stick with you will always be someone who can look beyond the physical aspect, be as unpleasant in your eyes as it might be. But honestly, most of the times you are wrong, because anyone with any acceptable social standards will be able to tell you that appearance is not everything.

And as mentioned before, the only ones who deserve your time and are deserving to have opinions taken from, are those who actually take time to talk and understand you. It might sound a bit indifferent(which absolutely is), but you need to look past the decoys, they are just the background of your life. No matter to what you change it, there will always be those who will find something wrong with it.

They mock those who think differently, just because they can’t understand the beauty of the remarkable. 


Who actually would insult someone who instead of  seeing in the moon not a huge rock in the sky, but a beautiful woman’s portrait, looking down upon them, perhaps wondering as much as us about what is in sight, but beyond reach. Well, quite frankly, many of society’s members do. The above example is not necessarily describing you, or the way you think, but is a very good example of just how easy is it for someone to look down on something different, and assume that it’s less by default. Get over these type of people, because if you conform, you won’t be yourself anymore, you will be just another replica of an acceptable vision of a member of society.

It’s what lies beyond  the physical.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, have a weird accent, deal with  mental health issues, or if you are in a wheelchair. It is, but it only is for reaching certain goals in life the way others do it that will bring you temporary satisfaction. We get so easily lost in the same boring loop others intend us to follow, that we forget that we are the ones that created everything, from almost nothing. Yes, doing it in an already sure way is always possible, but whatever might the goal be, no matter the challenges , and whatever life brings you face to face with, don’t forget that there is always a way, but sometimes it just wasn’t found yet.

Worrying about what others think of you is just the best way towards wasting time and sanity on those who are not deserving of it, and it will only set you back. Ignorance is the best weapon against this, yet so many of us fail to use it. Focus on your visions, on your happiness, focus on your well-being, and not the interference that will always exist, no matter how much you try to get rid of it. Accept who you are, and if you are unable to, then make a change. Make a change for yourself, but never to conform. If it’s towards the better, do it. And even if you don’t publish a book, don’t forget that you still write one that is defined by your very actions through the brief existence we all have, so make it worth. You’re the author, and life is your book. So fill out each page with care and meaning.

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