Dreams are the only thing worth chasing through any means.

Failures are the biggest roadblock we will ever hit. Failures are what separate us from daring to try, and they are what make us want to quit.

If it’s worth the prize, it is worth the risk.

It happens often to have our minds drift across the memories we have, looking back and reminiscing on the past, wondering if what we do is right, or if we are just constantly heading in the wrong direction.

There is a difference between what we need and what we want, because what we want will forever be on our mind, and in our hearths. What you truly want is what you desire deep down, it is something that doesn’t let you sleep and it is constantly on your mind, no matter how far you are from it.

Whatever your goal is, whether you want to prove others wrong, prove something to yourself, make a change, or represent something, there is one thing to keep in mind.

A dream is the only goal worth chasing through anything and everything, no matter how far the road leads you, no matter how dark the path leading to it is.

The biggest sacrifice we have to make when deciding on following our dreams is whether we want to please ourselves, or the ones around us. Along the journey you will lose friends, relationships, and you will be hit by hate, envy, and the doubters at every peak you climb towards succeeding. But if you look back at your past, you will realize that it’s not how we live, but how we leave that matters.

There are many tears to be shed, many nights to be cried, many smiles to be seen both on yourself and on others. There are many people lost, and even more that need you as much as you need yourself along this trip.

Never doubt yourself, and never doubt the sacrifices that you have to make if they are required, no matter how big they are, and how long they will seem to derail you from your dream.

The beauty of life is often that it is tough. So tough, that while we are constantly trying to survive we forget to enjoy it. But when we find who we are amidst the waves of change, is when we finally understand the meaning of it.

Fear, pain, and doubt are going to be the teachers that will always shape you, and it is important to understand the lesson rather than the punishment. Perfection is never possible. Perfection is born from persistence and desire, but perfection is whatever we see it to be, what we see ourselves to be.

Dreams are the key to any lock we are unable to open, as they give us enough dedication and passion towards succeeding, that nothing tied to them will be forever locked if you dedicate yourself enough.

It is not hard to believe what we are told, it is hard to believe what we want to tell when we are outnumbered. But the few that do believe in themselves, are the only ones who will always tell you to follow your dreams.


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