If you quit, they win

A decision. The smallest thought is nothing without acting upon it. When it comes to quitting however, the freedom it falsely promises is apparently the best choice you could make. Accepting that you are unable to live up to a goal is the most dangerous decision you could ever make.

In life there are essentially two things that matter. The way you live your life, and the way you look back at it once you are close to crossing the finish line. No, I am not talking about a promotion.

New year is approaching, and every time you look at the past occasions when you promised, encircled by a group of your absolute supporters that you will do x, you will reach y, you will change z, it’s quite probable to remember it crumbling after a few weeks, perhaps a few months after your spirit quickly died out when you were hit by the harsh difficulty reality and life itself brings.

You gotta love the way some people treat you in life. Kindness, gifts, love, and even advice. Advice, however, is to considered and not blindly followed just because someone gave it to you. Of course, there are also the haters, the people who live to see you fail, graciously followed by the doubters, who seemingly know it all and are acting like charity when it comes to setting other’s limits based upon their own. But the worst type of people around you, the most dangerous ones are the ones who offer advice which implies that perhaps you should quit. Accept defeat, bow to failure. It’s okay, they did the same. You don’t have what it takes anyway. So why stress, when you can just let it go.

The harsh truth is, if you are struggling with something, you are not yet good enough. As the new year rolls by, the false feeling of a better you is deceiving. Chances are, if you never left your comfort zone so far, you won’t magically enter beast mode and tear through challenges like you said you would as the clock announced a new rotation in our lives.

However, new year is an opportunity for all of us, for you. It’s an opportunity to sit down, or go for a walk, taking a good look at where you are as of right now, and where you want to get. Look at who you see when looking into the mirror, and who you actually want to see. Think through the amount of failures you are going to face, and decide whether or not you are ready to sacrifice friends, time, money, putting in effort daily in order to reach what you proposed you would. Look around, and listen to what the false advisors have to say. You are not meant for that, you were not born with the ability to do it.

It is funny. In the 21st century, we listen to the naysayers, when it is a fact that there is absolutely nothing that makes us different from the best in a certain area. Some of them might want your good, some of them might just try to demoralize, while some of them are plain stupid. It is just a piece of advice I can give you, but don’t forget:

If you quit, they win.

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