The harsh truth that dictates your progress

     Perfection is subjective, as well as our goals, dreams, and desires. In a world where no matter the direction you are following it is okay, it is good and it is alright to do whatever you crave, falling prey to procrastination, instant gratification or even plain laziness seems like an optimal solution for a happy life. An optimal illusion, actually.


     As true and as sad as it is, halting progress and having fun all day is the definition of perfection as long as at the end of it we achieved something, be it hundreds of likes on social media from posing with your butt in astronomical angles to feel”appreciated”, even completing a new level in a game,getting a new achievement, or doing pretty much anything that could make it onto this list that you use as procrastination to deviate from reality.

     Besides the false sensation of accomplishment, this throws you into an endless loop of sadness and lack of feeling accomplished compensated by the usual instant gratification regime on a daily basis. But essentially there is one truth that we all refuse to acknowledge because it’s simpler to go with the flow of our generation and lie to ourselves that it’s alright. 


     Success and accomplishment is just as addictive and fun once you’ve got a taste of it, the failures representing the challenge that you must push through in order to get the prize. You know that there are people who build world changing things from scratch, people who change nations and inspire others through mere words . Scientists that leave something meaningful and important behind even if they are confined to a chair(I think you’ve got the reference) But why would you put in the work and deal with frustration when you can keep doing this until you slowly drown in your own filth? Practically, you don’t have to. It’s okay to look at rich people and just laugh it off when you feel you should have been there too, but “it was just not the case”. It’s okay to look at someone being recognized for their work and then become sad, just to once again dive into your endless routine of non productive fun in order to compensate for the false truths you make yourself believe.

The harder you work for something, the better you’ll fell when you achieve it. This goes the other way around, too.

     Pfft, it’s not for me to work on writing a world changing book, to struggle and collect money for a start-up, or to take action towards a goal or dream, right? This essentially represents the truth most of us refuse to acknowledge. In today’s world, you can do absolutely anything and everything given you have the dedication required. And the fact that others who are way below your condition do it should bring at least a bit of self respect towards doing what you want and put in the amount of work it takes in order to accomplish your dreams and goals. This is subjective, of course. Whatever makes us happy is the right way, however, don’t forget that once we cross the finish line, it is a point of no return.



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