The importance of reconstructing a broken self.

“We mature with the damage, not with the years”, is perhaps the most known and agreed upon phrase when it comes to making sense and justifying why some of us have to deal with so many negative experiences and feelings, in order to keep at least the slightest sense of reason behind our disastrous past.

Nonetheless, whatever your definition of maturity might represent, experience, damage, or perhaps knowledge, it is imperative to understand why it is important to heal and reconstruct from a constantly negative and broken self. At a given point, we are all bound to break, even if temporarily. After a negative impact in our life, followed by stages of sadness, depression, anxiety, questioning of self, and mixed feelings , we slowly begin to get over it and see it as just another of life’s experiences that is justified by considering it a lesson, leaving aside the realization that we live in a world that is, essentially, a sick and crazy place, constructed of ideals and rejection, held together by those who believe in positivity and the beauty that resides in all of us, and not some social constructs that totally miss the point of humanity.


But when we are constantly hit with negative emotions, the process of reflecting and rationalizing the events that led to them will slowly fade into a belief of a self that is too unfit, unworthy, or undeserving of good things, sentenced to live through the day by day life in  a constant pain, sadness, and disappointment. Perhaps the above described will resonate with many of us, and it is the leading cause that results in a range of issues, ranging from a lack of trust to depression, anxiety, hatred towards the self and even the outside world.


     You are not required to feed yourself false beliefs about things that are clearly horrible, neither to justify it just to get hit by them once more and end up in the same place. However, you should learn from them, and understand that there will be many more similar experiences to come throughout your life. It is utmost important to realize that if you do not take the time to deal with the issues regarding the self, your personality, progress, and perception of everything around you will suffer, possibly leading to disastrous consequences. Take note of everything that happens in the situations, and observe that your inner well being is the key between success and failure, and between being helpless, or representing the help for those who might need it. Don’t let yourself become who you are not just because everything around you seems to be against you and your way of being.

And most importantly, don’t let such issues make up the world around you, holding the beauty of who you are back, fading it once and forever into the dark void of inexistent happiness. Why would you fail, when you can succeed? Why would you hate, when you were meant to love? And why would you be in the dark, instead of being the light?

These are all questions you must ask yourself in order to see the importance of positivity and a self that is in equilibrium with it’s existence and way of being, able to process and confront any issue.



Thank you for reading! If you are a new reader, as always, welcome! How have you made yourself realize the importance of a positive self? And when was the moment you realized you should do it? Let me know below!

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