Finding light in the darkest depths of depression.

     Although today’s modern society deals with a very wide range of mental illnesses, depression is something you could bring up and most likely everyone had to deal with it to a certain degree. It is, however, equally as dangerous as it is common, having the ability to turn even the most beautiful and positive people into mere shadows of themselves.

     Many factors play a role in the way that depression affects someone, mostly because we are all unique, making it almost subjective, each individual having to find the best way to deal and overcome it. While some people might change several aspects of their social life, diet, physical activity[…], a few key factors stand out when taking a look at it and wondering how could we actually become happier, more complete, and satisfied with ourselves. Often these positive thoughts are quickly going to fade, leaving us once again in the dark, with only the questions that always ponder our conscience.

“Why me?”

“Am I not good enough?”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Why others can, and I can’t?”

“Is it even worth to keep trying?”

     These are very common questions, along others, that make us wonder about ourselves and the world around us, our self worth and if the desire to keep going is still there, or worth pursuing. Before revealing an amazingly helpful tip to how to find a direction when dealing with such darkness in your mind and hearth, please note that I encourage you to also seek out medical help, because they understand the underlying causes of what you are dealing with, and will help you a lot.

     What my own experience taught me is that in general, depression is often related to the person feeling constantly down, emotionally numb, or constantly exhausted. It manifests in many forms, and while medication is the first go-to when dealing with such a serious issue, there is also a need for the person to break out of the never ending loop of sadness.


     This can be achieved through various ways, but what seemed to help the most those who I know that dealt with depression, is having a goal that they are working towards, and getting appreciation from those around them for what they have done. it is up to you to decide what these things will be, but as long as you are not in the same place, stuck with the first mental state, without an objective, is undoubtedly towards the better. Expression through art, as an example, is a great idea to deal and share what you are dealing with, and it might even help you observe that many more people around you hide the same feelings behind an everyday smile. Music, or even productive activities like courses or writing are also a good way towards finding yourself again, and perhaps discovering what you want to do or having a passion towards.


     Beside what I’ve described above, training the mind to believe in change is also an enormously helpful step towards achieving what you want. There are various practices to this, and various links below will be provided to help you get started and get an insight on your issue. As a last tip that I would like to share you, is that even through we have an objective,  we can still very easily( and most probably will a few times) fall back into the “old” us. Because of this, steps like having a routine which you maintain, alongside a journal that has both a motivational purpose and acting as a way of relief (for some)  are the essential steps you need to take in order to get your life back on the right track. And don’t forget, there are many people around the world that deal with this, and also help in the fight against mental illness. Just because those who you are surrounded by are a negative influence, it doesn’t mean that they are right, or that you or your mental health issues are any less important or real.

Feeling depressed? Train your brain to do this instead

Journaling for mental health

How I cured my depression : Part 2 Constructing a future

Seeking help for a mental help problem


     Thank you for reading, I hope this article shed some light on the issue surrounding mental health, especially depression, and made you aware of the fact that there are a variety of options that you can and should consider in oder to get back into a life of purpose and happiness. Don’t forget that there are always going to be people who were in the exactly same place you might be in right now, and one day you could mean the difference to them. And don’t let the stigma of mental health that is looked down upon so negatively by many people affect any of your decisions, because those who will support you are the ones that truly deserve any attention.

Currently there is less time for me to write, and so it might take a longer time until a blog post comes out, but if you liked the article and would like to read more, don’t forget to follow me! If you have any suggestions, questions, or even criticism, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

And, as always, if you are a new reader, welcome!

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