Is it wrong, or is it right,

What it says, through day and night?

Is it dark, or is it light,

The memory of that last goodbye?

Once it told me, whispered slowly,

About tears, and feeling lonely.

Once I asked it, how’s it feel,

What’s the price, of being real?

And through cracks, of dirty glass,

Through it’s fractured self reflection,

Spoke to me, of who he was,

And the price, that bears perfection.

It has told me, just to fight,

When to laugh, and when to cry,

Then it faded, through the night,

And has been reborn, as light.



If you struggle with depression, please reach out to someone for help. This is just an artistic representation of feelings, of a state of mind some of us might find ourselves in sometimes. You are not alone, and you should not keep it to yourself. Allow yourself a chance to change, allow yourself to become who you truly want, and deserve to be.

Poetry represents an escape for some of us, a way of expression when words are just not enough, because the words of a poem can directly transmit the feelings of the author, and reader itself. I am not by any means versed in poetry, but I do look forward to it in the future. It is not the main focus of this blog. But nonetheless, if you have enjoyed it, perhaps you will find more to your liking here.

If you would like to read new poems, or perhaps self help articles I write, don’t forget to subscribe. And as always, if you are a new reader, welcome!

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