What if I fail?

What if I don't live up to the expectations, what if I mess up something I worked on for so long and so hard. Failure is one of the most demoralizing enemies of a weak mind, and giving it the keys to your emotional well being is the worst mistake most us us have made... Continue Reading →

The importance of letting go, and focusing on yourself instead.

     A memory of something we like a lot, of something that we wanted, wished for, and accepted when it came, thinking it will stick with us forever, or, at least not worrying about the the day it  will no longer be a part of our lives, can make it difficult to get over... Continue Reading →

From Depression to Perfection

Let's face it, the title makes at least a small amount of those reading it consider this to be at least a little bit silly, since there is no way of turning this affliction into something positive...right? Well, theoretically, even though depression is one of the most rapidly spreading enemy of, generally, teens, I don't... Continue Reading →

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