The path to follow through today’s reality.

Unique. A fitting verbal representation when it comes to describing us, humans. Through our intellect, we have became something no other species could replicate. We are able to love, to think, to act, and most importantly, to judge. Judgment is a key factor that can make the difference between life and death, between success and... Continue Reading →

But I can’t do it on my own.

     The most devastating feeling we've all felt at some point in our lives, a feeling so dangerous that it can turn our perception inside out, and make us hopeless of seeing  the sun after the rain ever again, loneliness.       It all starts out as a mere rejection, as you try to... Continue Reading →

Coping with ended relationships

Let me tell you a story about J. , someone who made me, and will also make you realize that it's not worth hurting for someone who doesn't care, let's take look at how realizations come at the most unexpected moment. Thanks to a handful of absolutely great experience I've had before the age of... Continue Reading →

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