Is it wrong, or is it right,What it says, through day and night?Is it dark, or is it light,The memory of that last goodbye? Once it told me, whispered slowly,About tears, and feeling lonely.Once I asked it, how's it feel,What's the price, of being real? And through cracks, of dirty glass,Through it's fractured self reflection,Spoke... Continue Reading →

The poet and the knight

Once upon a darkest night,Lost between the waves of time,Stood in front of preying eyes,Just a poet, and a knight.____________________________________Looked upon with much disgrace,Hated from the earth to space,Bent a knee to death itself,That who fought, and fought itself. ____________________________________ As the dawn just broke the darkness,And their hearts have burn the brightest,Stood in front,... Continue Reading →

So cold

Can you see the fading light? Can you feel my heartbeat's fight? Can you hear how hard I've tried, To fill your soul with burning light? I can see, yet I am blind, I can feel, it feels so right. All I hear are all these cries, Faded through, the ageless time, Lost inside this... Continue Reading →


As the rain and ashes fell, I  would kneel, in dust, and yell. But just halfway through my scream,  I would wake, and see my dream.   Dressed in red, with wings and horns, Stood the demon, splitting worlds.   Spitting words, in anger, pain, Reduced to silence, by the rain.   Through the gentle,... Continue Reading →

Shattered Beauty III.

Fly to me, Then throw me down, Because Angels, Have no crown.   I close my wings, You see my pain, I was your beauty, Beauty's pain.   Words will stay, And feathers fall, Then you'll know, I've reached the stars.   Words are silent, Love is all, Now I know, I've lost it all.... Continue Reading →

Shattered Beauty II.

You built me up, Then broke me down, I was the king, And you, my crown.   You took my hand, And healed these wounds, Now watch me fall, To meet my doom.   Let me see,  Your eyes and smile, Because Love, Can end a life.   Let me have you One more time,... Continue Reading →

Shattered Beauty I.

As time passes, People change. As life swings, We stay the same. Hearths will break, And seasons change, But you'II always Lead my way. Through the fire, And the storm, Through your actions, Not your words. Through the darkness, And the winds, You took my hearth, And played it's strings. You made it sing, A... Continue Reading →

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